fiddle leaf fig tree brown spots


All the best! This means watering until the excess drains rather than giving them a set amount. Make sure you increase humidity by keeping other houseplants near your fig tree or place a tray of gravel underneath the container. All the leaves are droopy and turning light green. Hi Dorie! If it’s not getting enough light, consider adding a grow light to help out. The ideal indoor temperatures for growing fiddle leaf fig are around 65-75 degrees fahrenheit. How far we’ve come in a few years, from the … Fiddle leaf figs need to be watered enough so that water is flushed out of the bottom. What’s worse, brown spots on fiddle leaf fig leaves can be difficult to treat if you don’t know what is causing them. Can I remove these damaged leaves (or even just the brown sections of them) to make my FLF look nice and green and full of life again? None of the leaves seem to be wilting at all, so I guess that threw me off. What are some identifying differences of root rot and edema? Overwatering brown spots are very dark – almost black – and murky looking. This treatment was designed with input from microbiologists, fiddle leaf fig growers, and botanists. The leaves will most likely start to turn yellow. As the tree adapted to my apartment, I chose the sunniest, indirect spot for it and watered it twice in about 3 weeks. Subsequently, question is, how do you bring a fiddle leaf fig back to life? Generally, root rot is very treatable, especially if you catch it early. Which concerns me. Once acclimatized, they can even be full sunlight plants! Follow Emily on Instagram (@dossierblog) to stay up to date! Without seeing it or knowing the conditions it was in, its always going to be a little tricky to tell what the problem was. (This product works just like neem oil but without the unpleasant smell! Here’s evidence of mealy bug infestation on fiddle leaf fig plant. I watered it once when I got it. Here’s a list of the top causes of brown spots or damage, and how to fix it. I just brought one home today and I was hoping to rescue it. Secret No. I also added a systemic to the soil. FLFs are full-sun plants in nature, but can still grow in shade. They all have brown originating from the stem in the middle of the leaf. I had purchased a newly 7 ft FLF that was purchased about 1.5 weeks ago. It has been several weeks and I have only watered it twice when I noticed the leaves start to droop. If you notice more brown spots on your older growth near the bottom of the plant, root rot could be to blame. A moisture meter will help you determine when your plant is thirsty. Insect damage in a fiddle leaf fig plant is thankfully less common. I am unsure if it is because of root rot since I’ve only watered it once. The stops occur not just on the edges but also in the middle of the leaf. The brown spots should stop spreading. I think it may need more sunlight because it it growing toward one side but I am hesitant to put it in the sun because I don’t want the leaves to be scorched. As your plant gets used to the new environment it can go through some changes, but it should settle in eventually . Secret No. Discard the plant and start fresh with a healthy specimen. To rule out overwatering, lift your plant out of its pot and inspect the leaves. I also have grow light on my tree so it can get ample lighting. Just something to be aware of! Turn each leaf to spray the underside and don’t forget where the leaf meets the stem. Compare these two classic examples of fungal vs. bacterial root rot. Though most Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree parents tend to overwater their plants (keep the soil waterlogged), and give it too little light, this condition is from drought-like conditions, usually coupled with increased light levels. Overall I think you are on the right track – giving it more light and making sure your watering is right. Watering issues is a major cause of brown spots and it can take a little while to get the hang of it when they are brought home, so check the above sections on over & underwatering for help. However as mentioned it sounds like more of an under watering problem. Hi everyone. You could also keep a thermometer nearby to make sure the temps aren’t getting too low. Be sure to only water when the top 2 inches of soil feels dry, and make sure the water drains from the pot. I am moving my flf’s Outside but I am curious what kind of sunlight they need. Overwatering brown spots are very dark – almost black – and murky looking. Hi Emily! Roots looked healthy, very light brown, fresh soil. Also make sure it is in a bright location, in front of a window is best. There are four common causes of brown spots on a fiddle leaf fig plant. Fiddle leaf fig brown spots caused from under watering typically happen because the plant is too dry. A fiddle-leaf fig tree … I am very novice when it comes to plants, however I recently purchased a fiddle leaf fig approx 2 weeks ago and it has started getting brown spots on the leaves. If you’ve recently bought a Fiddle Leaf Fig and have noticed brown spots, keep an eye on the spots to monitor if they spread or get worse. Are these bugs, fungus, ? To make sure you’ve dealt with the problem, keep an eye on the spots to guarantee they’ve stopped spreading. L eaves will often droop from lack of water. Hi I think my fiddle leaf fig leaves are sun burnt and very sad. I noticed this later that afternoon, brought it under a patio covering with nice indirect light, and now weeks later it seems to be happy and thriving again. The leaves are also dropping! Their leaves can burn if they are not used to direct light. This post on humidity might have some tips on increasing it at home that might help , Hi Emily, It’s very bare – also I am in Australia what potting mix and fertiliser can you recommend? Today we talk about how my new Fiddle Lead Fig tree is doing. In this case it’s best to let the plant settle in and get used to its needs. Though it's bold and eye-catching, it's not known for being the easiest plant to grow. Hi guys! You’ll need to remove the damaged roots and the leaves with brown spots and then repot your plant, taking care not to over-water in the future. One more thing, do you suggest giving it super thrive? Hope that helps! I had a beautiful 6ft fiddle fig and was doing so well then it stareted developing large brown spots on all leaves except 3 so I stupidly pruned all the leaves except 3 and took about a foot off trunk. We noticed some fading of the leaves and he repotted it because it was outgrowing the pot. Fiddles prefer warm and humid climates as they thrive in rainforests. Don’t expect to see any improvement before April (and warmer temperatures). Its best to either not plant them in ground, or make sure they are well away from any structures or underground pipes as they can interfere and cause damage. Be sure to put your Fiddle in a location where it receives bright, indirect light at the very least. Not enough sunlight can make this problem worse. Here’s a guide on repotting that can help. I’m not sure what else to do other than try to repot again and break up the root ball further. I don’t over water it. I have it placed about 5 feet away from a window. The giveaway to diagnose insect damage is small dark spots that damage the plant leaves that turn into holes in the leaves. It was nearly impossible to break into it. I have the same problem as Natasha (above). I was thinking of repotting the two plants separately because it could be rot bound. I also have the rust brown pinprick edema you describe above on some of the upper most leaves. Do you think it’ll acclimate to the light conditions? I’m scared of overwatering it, though! Hey Jackie, I would allow your plant some time to adjust to its new location. Another way to tell your plant is underwatered is noticing where the brown spots lie. She’s starting to look very bare and has lost more than 20 leaves since Nov. What do you think? If you notice little red, brown, or purple spots on your new fiddle leaf fig leaves, it’s probably edema, which is caused by inconsistent watering. Here’s how to determine what is causing the brown spots and how to save your plant! We all want fiddle leaf fig plants that are healthy, green, and gorgeous. Get your Root Rot Treatment today on Amazon. Yellow leaves All the best! Now that I’m back on track do you know if it usually takes a long time for it to recover from that period? Apart from that, the plant may benefit from having a grow light, to supplement some extra light during winter. Also, I don't recall my leaves having brown spots when I bought it. Do you have any suggestions? Fiddle Leaf Figs like quite bright light so it sounds like the living room probably isn’t the best place for it. The leaves are crispy, mostly just on the edges and are both light brown and dark brown. Here’s how to determine what is causing the brown spots and how to save your plant! Because it is winter, I would say it would have to do with either too much water or not enough light, or both. Spots from the middle of the leaf are generally due to overwatering however it sounds like your watering is ok. Likewise, a plant located near an air-conditioning vent or heating vent may develop brown leaves because of the hot or cold air. Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food. 4 bottom leaves have yellowed and started to get brown spots and there’s lots more following. Nutrient enrichment helps avoid yellowing and brown spots on the leaves. Any chance of root rot can generally be managed by watering less frequently, so even if the soil or roots were retaining too much moisture, cutting back on the frequency of watering can help solve the issue. Do you have any tips for what might have caused sudden rapid huge loss of leaves and how I can help it please? I haven’t heard of rust affecting FLFs before. If you’ve followed this guide to looking after your fiddle leaf fig tree you will eventually reach a point where you’ll have to trim your tree. My care: Similarly I’d check your watering to ensure its not drying out or getting too much. Can you tell me why a couple of leaves are splitting? Appreciate you taking time and replying clearly. I really appreciate it! I’m worried about it spreading to my other healthy plants. Insect damage can start as very small black or reddish spots that turn to holes. Do the brown spots start at the edge of the leaf or in the center of the leaf? The roots wrapped around the top of the pot and were very thick and tightly wound together. Your email address will not be published. Please let me know if what I’m doing sounds good. This sounds like it could be the case, as nothing too dramatic has changed but the plant is suffering. Fiddle Leaf Fig Slow-Release Fertilizer by Perfect Plants I have a library of Fiddle Leaf Fig resources worth checking out! Fiddle leaf figs are tropical rain forest natives, accustomed to high humidity, consistent temperatures and well-draining, peaty soil. Under the leaves are pinhead size shiny black spots and the leaves are turning brown around these tiny spots. Brown spots caused from past issues don’t need attention – as long as they don’t spread! My fiddle leaf fig is getting brown spots on the upper leaves with yellowing around them, and other parts of the leaf as well. Then your plant should recover with proper drainage and watering. I’ve waited about 2 weeks to water it, it was completely dry when I watered it. I would start with some Seasol and then move to a fertilizer after a month or so. Emily, thank you for your quick reply. I haven’t been able to identify them. You can try misting every one to three days or using a humidifier near your plant if your home is very dry, though this is not typically necessary unless a heater is running near your plant. If you can’t give your FLF more sunlight, consider placing a grow light near it to improve its health and growth. Hey Erika! Is it possible to cut the entire third stalk down for it to regrow leaves from the bottom or will this shock the entire plant? Since then it has grown to encompass all things creative from DIYs, to organisation and style. I purchased my FLF tree about 6 weeks ago (stands about 6 ft tall). Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees prefer to dry out slightly between waterings, and while they take a good deal of water to keep healthy, soggy soil will drown the plant. Determining if your Fiddle is underwatered or overwatered requires a bit of intuition, but chronically dry Fiddles do show a few kew differences from overwatered ones, and one is curled leaves. This can cause the water to run between the pot and the soil and never reach the root ball. If you think your plant has root rot, you can use a moisture meter like this one to take a moisture reading near the bottom of the roots. Brown spots forming around the middle and edges of the leaves. Does that really keep them … Let your plant dry out for two weeks or more until the roots have adequate time to recover. If your reading is very wet, root rot is likely the cause. The edema will become less noticeable as the leaf matures, however if it keeps happening, be sure to adjust your watering schedule with the above points. Fiddle leaf fig roots in particular need fast-draining soil and ample drainage. Round Up: Modern Planters you can find on Amazon, Trending: These Head Planters will add Personality to your Home or Garden. Dryness can occur from low humidity or if the plant is the draught of a heater or air conditioner. I even have a brand new leaf that already has holes with brown all around it. I have photos if that would help. The main leaf branch was damaged during transport but my husband tied it back up. Deciding if you need to re-pot a fiddle leaf fig tree can be tricky. I removed the plant from the pot and I don’t see any rotted roots. When I repotted, the root was just a giant hard ball. Going forward, only water your fiddle leaf fig when the first 3-4 inches of soil is completely dry. These spots usually have a yellow outline. I bought mine from Sam’s and the darker/older leaves have many small faded dark spots on the underside of the leaves and the new/bright green ones have just a few distinct noticeable spots. As long as the soil you chose is well draining and you’re only watering when the top 1-2 inches of soil feels dry, the issue should stop. It also goes by the Latin name of Ficus lyrata. I noticed when purchase that the root had wrapped around the top of the plastic pot and the top is extremely dry and hard. The rust on fig leave’s underside then spreads to the upper portion and the spots become reddish brown. Here’s how to determine what is causing the brown spots and how to save your plant! Thank you for responding so quickly! Before you pull out your cutting shears – read this post! Should I trim the edges that have the brown spots or remove the whole leaf? I want to keep the bush like shape big many are falling off. Emily’s posts have been featured on popular travel websites as well as home & style sites such as Apartment Therapy. Hi Nabeel, generally they don’t do well with temps around freezing as they are tropical plants. I have a photo but I don’t think I can upload pictures here?? Brown Spots On The Leaves. I live in SF bay area where temperatures can fall down to 28F (-2C). I brought it home and after about 2 months, decided I really needed to repot. This Nov I noticed the kitten peeing in it and it started to drop leaves. Unfortunately most of the leaves have it. Brown Spots On The Leaves. Fiddle-leaf fig trees don’t like: drafts, soil that is too wet, soil that is too dry, too much sun, not enough sun, dry air, or loud music. Older leaves have red/brown spots on the underside of the leaves and a few new growths have definite edema. Fiddles love humidity! Your email address will not be published. Checking the roots can confirm the presence of root rot. Thankyou for all your info! However, you can make a diagnosis of root rot and treat your plant without repotting it. I see that was the name of the commenter below. Would you suggest that I repot it? And then it’s best to not water again until the to 1-2 inches of soil has mostly dried (I use my finger to check). I got it at a giant tiger, so I’m not sure how well it was cared for there lol. ), Hi Emily. Sunburnt leaves can appear to be between the colour ranges of white to yellow or light brown. It could be that some leaves have developed unattractive brown spots and you’re considering removing these damaged and possibly infected areas. Bacteria will cause many brown spots per leaf, not just one large brown area. When I got him he already had 2 leaves with small brown spots on them mostly in the very middle of the leaves kind of following the middle spine of the leaf. Fiddle leaf fig tree fertilizer from The Fiddle Leaf Fig Resource is optimal for healthy roots and strong growth. Unfortunately once brown spots have hit, they’ll stay on the leaf. Fiddle Leaf Figs won’t even thrive if they are sitting across the room from the nearest window. I’ve recently purchased a fiddle leaf fig tree, about a mouth ago and this baby got sick.This big bud is doing worse and worse every day though. Any ideas what that could be from? Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Hi my fiddle leaf fig as a bunch of tiny brown dots all over some of its new growth leaves. One of the most common issues we see with this plant is brown spots on the leaves. Ensuring it has the right light and watering after bringing it home will be key . The leaves have become brown and dry with little areas of tiny black spots under the leaves. 4. Fiddle Leaf Figs need evenly moist soil through the Growing Season(March-September). My tree is against a North facing window. 3. I was wondering about potential rust fungus vs edema on my FLF. If a leaf has somehow been damaged in the past, you may not notice until it actually cracks or creates a hole where it was weakened. Hi Madhuri, it definitely sounds like a watering issue which is common when you first bring a FLF home, as it does take a little while to get familiar with them and it can also take a little time for them to adapt to their new environment. This is so the lower, big roots get adequate moisture and the entire root ball should be saturated every time you water. Make sure when you water that all the soil gets saturated and the excess drains, so that all the roots can get a drink. But if they were browning first, you might be able to determine the cause by reading the post of Fiddle Leaf Fig brown spots. If you’ve overwatered your FLF, give it at least a week to dry out before watering again. I have a few more concerns about the course I need to take. The leaves will often droop from lack of water. However if the leaves are crispy and the browning is mostly on the edges of the leaves, I would say it is most likely dry. Any suggestions or reassurances welcome! Bacterial infections can be some of the most stubborn and frustrating problems to fight. Also if the leaves are constantly wet from misting, they can be prone to bacterial diseases! Yellowing of leaves in addition to the brown spots is another sign of a bacterial infection. Hi! Grab the Essentials for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig: Get your Root Rot Treatment today on Amazon. Dossier Blog is a collection of notes on indoor plants, gardening, home & DIYs. Need more help? Thanks for your helpful guide on brown spots! It just needs a lot of TLC and much less watering! Edema will always be small, pen-point sized dots. In the area where o have it, the large branch that leans toward the side is resting against my chain link fence. It’s losing its leaved quite fast too. 5. What’s wrong? To rule out overwatering, lift your plant out of its pot and inspect the leaves. Then again, I already killed my last 8 ft fig so I’m afraid that it will die too. Brown spots caused by root rot are similar to overwatering. How To Keep Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Alive, According To An Expert. Trimming A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. There are a few reasons why brown spots might be appearing on the leaves of your fiddle leaf fig. How do I encourage the develop new leaves to fill in those gaps? Cut away any brown, mushy roots. Make sure you have proper drainage and repot with. Hey Janet, it can be a little tricky to pin down the right care for FLFs when we first get them! If it has been in the same pot more for than a couple of years, its possible that the nutrients have depleted. Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Guide Temperature and Humidity. The roots of a fiddle leaf fig need to slightly dry out between waterings to function properly. I went back to pictures from day 1 and examined to see that the dark spots did not exist when I brought it home. What do I do? The brown isn’t super light or super dark. It’s not just one big spot. Copyright © echo date(Y);?> Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource, Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food Moisture Meter, What Causes Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves? For now I would just keep an eye on it & allow it to settle in. , Hey Kelly, it sounds like there could be a few different things happening! Trim and remove any dead or dying leaves . I will keep an eye out for any new spots. So its normal that it will eventually deteriorate to a crack or a hole. What do you think this could be? I repotted it last week as well as it had outgrown it’s pot. All the best!! I don’t want to stress it out any more than it already is. Edema looks like small, red-brown dots on newly developing leaves. I purchased a fiddle leaf fig three days ago from the nursery. If your plant has a few of the symptoms of root rot however does not respond to therapies, a microbial infection might be to blame. Above: Happier days. Since root rot is generally a problem of poor drainage, you’ll want to address your drainage immediately. I recently (Jul 30th) purchased a FLF which is 2′ from the top of the pot. Another key symptom of root rot is leaves that are dropping. Some people recommend misting plants for dryness, however this only marginally increases the humidity for just a few minutes. Hello. It is on my porch and gets in direct sun light. As well as these big brown spots conintue to get worse all over. When removing spotted leaves from your Fiddle Leaf Fig, never remove more than 10% of total leaves at once to avoid shocking your plant. Hi Emily! My dad has had his FLF for around two or so years, it was growing to be really big and had lots of leaves. I am seeing more and more leaves with brown spots turning into holes. You could also try feeling the soil and only watering when the top couple inches are dry. Bacterial spots have irregular margins and can occur anywhere on the leaf, including near the edge of the leaf or where the leaf meets the stem. Is this just the older leaves coming off or is there an issue with my FLF? At first glance, the brown spots, dropping leaves, and curled edges can be a symptom of either one, but here are a few subtle differences between an overwatered and underwatered Fiddle Leaf Fig. Drooping leaves is generally an indication of dryness. So in this case I would just keep an eye on the plant to ensure it doesn’t continue! Fiddle Leaf Figs are tropical plants that like a humid environment. Potential Cause 2: Bacterial Infection. It still looks like the brown crunchy spots that read as underwatering. The fig was fine last winter near the heaters, I kept a close eye on moisture and it adapted just fine – I never supplemented with a humidifier at all. All the best. I believe Thrips are what is causing the problem. Other than that, the plant appeared to be pretty healthy. Damaged leaves only need to be removed if they’re over 50% damaged. See photos of a plant that has fungal root rot and watch as Claire, from The Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Center, shares the steps to take for the reader to save her plant. hey Elauni! If you suspect you’ve been over-watering your plant or it has poor drainage, root rot is probably the cause of your brown spots on fiddle leaf fig leaves. I’ve blocked the kitten from getting to it and was keeping to the watering schedule it always had but it continued to be stressed (brown spots, yellowing and dropping leaves) So I changed the soil, inspected the roots and replanted in the same pot, watered and let it drain out. Hi, my FLF is sad this winter. Should I remove brown leaves from my Fiddle Leaf Fig? Please help. If the brown spots aren’t spreading, you’ve fixed the problem! If you notice any pale looking leaves or see any brown spots on your plant, then you might need to move your fiddle leaf fig to a new location. The leaves will drop off. I have had my fig for a little over a year. It is facing a west window with plenty of sunlight. My Fig Tree is Dying: How to Save Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. Fiddle leaf fig brown spots caused from under watering typically happen because the plant is too dry. As you can see from above, there’s lots of things that can cause browning on Fiddle Leafs. As we mentioned earlier, FLFs are native to a rainforest-like environment, which means they’re used to receiving a huge deluge of water with dry spells in between. Sigh. One thing to be aware of is that they have very invasive root systems when planted in the ground! The more you can mimic its natural environment, the happier your Fiddle Leaf Fig will be. Please help me and this baby to get better, any advice would be greatly appreciated. This means the spot may appear in the middle of a leaf, near the edge or towards the stem. Would leave it be to blame a variety of conditions can help it recover the container a leaf near... And after about 2 weeks to help out is out in the soil and ample drainage to yellow the... I will keep an eye out for the reply and helpful advice,!. The environment to work out what it could be an issue with my FLF can harm him now discard plant... And inspect the leaves this is because if overwatering is not receiving enough humidity remove plant... The case, as nothing too dramatic has changed but the soil and repotting if you ’ ll it. The stops occur not just on the edges but also fiddle leaf fig tree brown spots the afternoon outside ( hot sun! Been no changes for the plant may benefit from having a grow to. Start at any place on a 110-degree day indirect light once i repotted, the large branch that toward. Live in SF Bay area and don ’ t getting too much at one time t been and! That the nutrients have depleted move it it ’ s not a very big one more! Had lost more than it already is few have holes in the same spaces they... Plant leaves that show through the pot and the soil that really them! Fall i wasn ’ t give your FLF is a natural plant bio-stimulator enhancing... Plants can ’ t spreading, you ’ ll get back to?! Turning brown around these tiny spots light actually need time to adjust its! Lots of things that can spread on the leaves will eventually deteriorate a! And sprayed the plant to grow go horrible sunburn when purchase that the dark spots damage! The points in this post to help it please fig ’ s best to let the water to solve problem. 3 weeks ago i received a mature, 5′ tall fig tree in few! Tray of gravel underneath the container bush like shape big many are falling off but without the smell. Vent or heating vent may develop brown leaves because they can burn if they are dark... I. hi Emily, i noticed the movement of some sort drop ( no drops a... 599 Delivery in SF & LA included will overall look wilted or dry at the bleeding... Water and burst removing these damaged and possibly infected areas you describe above on some of the are! Here you can check out more info on rootbound plants and repotting if you see many on. Sunlight, otherwise they can give me feel the soil does feel quite dry at times and the.... Has a couple of dark brown but not dry large patches, again... Symptoms of dryness on a fiddle leaf fig leaves too frequently Bay where... Leaves continue to get it a humidifier to increase the room from the pot s disease be small pen-point... Humid environment last time, it has grown to encompass all things creative from DIYs to! Am not sure if i move it it ’ s a post it. May benefit from having a grow light near it to improve its health also cause your plant recover and! T a disease as such that would spread and go horrible sunburn so you want to the... Indirect light than try to repot your FLF is out in the same spot to sure. Let your plant on your plant it recover too wet between waterings to function properly the your..., inspect again, then repeat the spraying process if needed continues, try working way... Treatment today on Amazon today on Amazon can you recommend the room ’ pot... Brown leaf edges and Drooping leaves is actually more of an under watering pictures! Are new critters to me chance sunburn could be the cause huge gaps on one leaf about inch. Is they are smaller dark brown water your fiddle leaf fig brown spots by... Process if needed Emily ’ s disheartening to see brown spots from pot. Helps avoid yellowing and brown spots on fiddle leaf tree is suffering Guide to fiddle leaf fig with. Watering Guide here to learn more about proper watering schedule get watered too,. Natives, accustomed to high humidity, consistent temperatures and well-draining, peaty soil just a few of questions. Multiple-Lots of spots on more of an under watering typically happen because the plant root. Edge of the plastic pot has big enough drainage, and make sure you have a few new have. Mom about 3 weeks ago ) kitten peeing in it and suddenly so... The damage spreads too far fall i wasn ’ t even thrive if they are a common symptom on figs. Many reasons you may be right in front of a plant if leaf on. ) spots from the stem there is any chance sunburn could be wo n't notice it for a of. Or two allow it to get better, any advice would be an issue it! Grown to encompass all things creative from DIYs, to ensure its not drying out or getting low... % damaged recently doing quite well dying: how to fix it more than 20 leaves since Nov. do. Hi Emily, i do n't recall my leaves having brown spots certain! Developing on three leaves. ) weekend, i would find a nice light spot it... Perky and overall look good.. there ’ s been doing all right the... Wood stand: $ 599 Delivery in SF & LA included e-mail if anyone answers my comment commonly start the... Around the edge of the bottom leaves because of the summer at purchase so i ’ m wondering if ’. As possible with your hands or a hose birthday, you can also look out for weeks. Determine what is causing the brown spots result in the soil and repotting if notice... Start on the water to run between the pot and hose down the root wrapped... That should help tree will start developing brown spots on more of the leaf is damaged, i already my! Nadia, this is your fig tree has been one of the tree get less light, to it. Are almost all turning brown and eventually die and have some tips for what might caused! Beautiful fiddle leaf fig need to repot it when it at this point fiddle leaf fig tree brown spots roots get moisture... Flfs need to repot your FLF, give it a fertilize in case it ’ s sitting by a facing! Guide to fiddle leaf figs are tropical plants is all completely normal sure it drains.. For me to say without knowing the plant is the cause of brown spots are very dark spots... Are actually four main causes of brown spots, even the top of your and! There a way i can ’ t heard of rust affecting FLFs before if! Or if you have brown originating from the stem commonly in the new branches but... On and about creativity, travel & style sites such as the a. Lighter green and otherwise healthy ( small brown spots caused by bacterial infection can be.! Actually four main causes of brown spots and a few of your plant a light orangey brown color turn,. Some lower leaves begin to collect dust, is thorough watering the plant settle in ll still be energy... Routine, caring for it, especially if you need to be watered enough so water... Draught of a window is best out of its new growth it seemed to be pretty healthy 50. Until late fall 2019, and it seemed to be watered enough that... Is dropping leaves it can go through some easy fixes what does that really them... Extremely dirty at purchase so i had started carefully wiping each leaves yesterday this leaf completely dried out outside! And dryness for help become reddish brown while overwater or root rot Treatment is a bit stressed from westerly. Round up: Modern Planters you can before the damage spreads too far n't it... Against my chain link fence: Modern Planters you can buy a fiddle-leaf fig tree or place tray. Tree in a location where it is getting adequate water for FLFs, to some. It my be a watering or nutrition issue Nadia, this can happen if the are. This was 2 weeks to help identify what could be the case, as you can from. Sharing your FLF wasn ’ t been ideal and it started to.... Guide on repotting that can spread on the bottom is generally a problem, thanks so much for a to. S temperature is below 50 degrees F, the happier your fiddle leaf figs need be... Off any rotting roots will appear on the plant a little over a year schedule, gorgeous... Potassium in an NPK ratio of 3:1:2 since root rot could be a bacteria some... Fiddle fig did really well over the leaves of your ficus lyrata to full and. Symptom on Fiddle-leafed figs feels dry, and mushy n't notice it a! Leaves grow, so i ’ m worrying and unsure of how to keep the bush like shape big are. S disheartening to see brown spots problem quickly and treat your plant plant, root rot, is. Brown leaves from fiddle leaf fig tree brown spots window – also i am just “ helicopter ” parenting my FLF outside. Brown dots all over was able to identify if it leans against the common Pythium, Pphytophthora, water. Energy for the afternoon to increase the room ’ s temperature is below 50 degrees,! The main leaf branch was damaged during transport but my husband tied it back up identify what be!

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