Head of the Gnan Sampradaya is called the " Kuveracharya". The Kuveracharya stays at the Gurugadi, the main seat of the sect, at Sarsa. The Kuveracharya looks after the Gurugadi and the religious and social activities of the Sampradaya. The first and foremost duty of the Kuveracharya is to spread the message of the Paramguru. The Kuveracharya of the Gnan Sampradaya wears a simple dress, consisting of a white dhoti( loin cloth) and a white shirt. He also wears a special turban whenever he goes out. He nevers wears any ornaments and puts a Bhal-Tilak( a special symbol of the Sampradaya)on his forehead. He also keeps a Shikha on his head. Kuveracharyashri wears silver chakhadi( footwear used by saints in India).

" Second Kuveracharya Shri Narvedsagar Maharajshri "

(1877 A.D. to 1889 A.D.)

There is no one in this world who is more reserved of my knowledge and affection as in Naran."

Paramguru Shreemat KARUNASAGAR MAHARAJ says this about pujya Shree NARANDASJI maharaj in the Pancham Sukshma ved. NARANDASJI Maharaj was Paramguru's favorites disciple and he doesn't love anyone else as much as he does  Narandasji maharajshree. This affection was mutual. Narandasji Maharaj was COMPLETELY devoted to paramguru. He was a virtuous, humble, holy, Polite, and educated ddevotee. He composed two Granths filled with Paramguru's gyan:

  1. Siddhant Bavani granth
  2. Chaturthdeh Pancham Tatva' Panchikaram Vibhag

NARANDASJI Maharaj established the very first two Kaival Mandira, wrote significant portions of the morning and evening Upasana, and wrote Stutis and hymns Dedicated to Karta and paramguru. Shree NARANDASJI Maharaj became the second kuveracharya Vikram Sanvat 1934 after paramguru went to kaival dhaam. He went to kaival dhaam in Vikram Sanvat 1946 after establishing the kaival gyan pity mandir in sarsa.

: Siddhant Javani Granth :

Prem Jem pritye Kari, Dharo Shreemat Kuver Sharan;

Narandasji nische Kahe, Mite Janam Ne Maran.

Shree narandasji maharaj is saying, "Whoever prays to paramguru regularly with love, affection, and timing and takes shelter into paramguru Sharan(feet), that person will surely receive moksha and be free from cycles of birth and death. this chopai is from Siddhant bavani Granth. in this Granth Narandasji maharaj, discusses guru bhakti and Sakarta Siddhant he has written the Granth in a particular way. the first letter of each chopai is in sequence of the alphabet. Before Narandasji maharaj wrote this granth, he made a request to paramguru in the form of a prayer. he asked paramguru "in the same way you can help a mute person speak, help me write this Granth."


The first of foremost kaival gyan pith mandir was established by Shree narandasji maharaj on magasara agyeeyaaras in Vikram Sanvat 1925 in the village of surkuva Shree narandasji maharaj established a Murti of paramguru and performed the proper Pran pratishtha Vidhis. he invited paramguru to come to this mandir and paramguru accepted his invitation however, during the time of the pratishtha, paramguru was in the village of rupyapura and his own Santos did not let him leave to go to surkuva. the Santos told paramguru, Narandasji maharaj should not establish a major with Paramguru's Murti because then people will lose their focus on karta. in order to prevent paramguru from going, they locked him in a room. in surkuva, Narandasji maharaj had to start the Vidhis according to the proper time and he began to apply abil,gulal,and chokhaa to paramguru's murti.when the Santos opened the doors to paramguru's room in rupyapura, he was covered in abil, gulal, and chokhaa. in point, they realised, whoever does puja and bhakti with complete devotion, it reaches paramguru no matter what. they also realised,it is important to establish mandir so people can pray to Karta through paramguru.

: Gurugadi Sarsapuri :

Shree narandasji maharaj began the work for the mandir in sarsa in Vikram Sanvat 1934 after paramguru went to kaival dhaam. he did the Pran pratishtha on Vishakha Shree Purnima in Vikram Sanvat 1946. every year on this day, there is a huge samayo in sarsa on Vishakha Shree Purnima. the location of the mandir is in the spot of the infamous "bitter Number Tree" where paramguru did satsang during his time. the sarsa mandir was built with 3 Shikhar and 4 ghummats.

: The Upasanas :

Shree narandasji maharaj has written significant portions of morning and evening Upasanas including the great guru Mahima in the morning Upasana. this guru Mahima is 140 verses long and it describes Paramguru's greatness and glory. NARANDASJI Maharaj says, "No matter how much I praise Paramguru, it is never enough."

" Third Kuveracharya Shri Baldevdasji Maharajshri "

(1889 A.D. to 1906 A.D.)

Baldevdasji Mahrajshri became the third Kuveracharya of Gnan Sampradaya on Bhadarva Sood Chhath(the sixth day), Vikram Sanvat 1946 and guided the Sampradaya for about 17 years. He went to Kaivaldham (abode of the creator) on Chaitra Sood Pancham, Vikram Samvat 1963.Baldevdasji Maharajshri was born at Zarola, a village of Borsad Taluka. The unfinished work of the Gurugadi Temple at Sarsa was completed by Baldevdasji Mahrajshri.Baldevdasji Mahrajshri a pious saint played a major role in strengthening the roots and traditions of the Gnan Sampradaya.

" Fourth Kuveracharya Shri Bhagvandasji Maharajshri "

(1906 A.D. to 1911 A.D.)

Bhagwandasji Mahrajshri became the fourth Kuveracharya on Chaitra Sood Agiyarash, Vikram Samvat 1963 and guided the Sampradaya for about five years. He went to Kaivaldham on Magashar Sood Satam, Vikram Samvat 1968. He was born at Balasinor in Kheda district. Bhagwandasji Mahrajshri's devotion was so complete that he found Paramguru alive in the idol of the temple.

" Fifth Kuveracharya Shri Prayagdasji Mahrajshri "

(1911 A.D. - 1922 A.D.)

Prayagdasji Maharajshri became the fifth Kuveracharya of Gnan Sampradaya on Vaishakh Sood Teej, Vikram Samvat 1968 and guided the Sampradaya for about forty years. He went to Kaivaldham on Jeth Sood Chaudash, Vikram Samvat 2009. He was born at Sojitra village in Anand district. Prayagdasji Maharajshri built the grand assembly hall on the east side of the Gurugadi Temple. Prayagdasji Maharajshri persuaded and appointed Shitaldasji as his successor. They worked together for nearly 30 years. It was a never before seen example seen in the history of religion in Gujarat.

" Sixth Kuveracharya Shri Shitaldasji Maharajshri "

(1922 A.D. - 1972 A.D.)

Shitaldasji Mahrajshri was appointed as the future Sixth Kuveracharya of Gnan Sampradaya on Vaishakh Sood Poonam, Vikram Sanvat 1979 and beacame the Sixth Kuveracharya on Jeth Sood Poonam, Vikram Sanvat, 2009. He went to Kaivaldham on Posh Vad Teras. Vikram Sanvat 2028. He acted as the future Kuveracharya for 30 years and as Sixth Kuveracharya for 19 years. He was born at Bagidole,a village at Godhara taluka. Shitaldasji Maharajshri built the Samadhi Mandir at Sarsa, Bal Kuver Mandir at the Pragatyabhoomi of the Paramguru in Kasor and also started the construction of grand temple at Banaras.A strict disciplinarian, Shitaldasji Mahrajshri was intelligent, hard working and a visionary. He believed in keeping pace with time. He started an age of extension, expansion, construction, development, publication and practices for the Sampradaya.

Pujya Shree SITALDASJI MAHARAJSHREE was our shashtam (sixth) kuveracharya. his guru was Pancham kuver's Shree prayagdasji maharaj. SITALDASJI MAHARAJSHREE was born in the village of bagaidol, taluka godhara, district panchmal, Gujarat. he was a man of fifth whom enjoyed praying and he did not have any wordly or materialistic attachments. he wanted to leave his home and become an ascetic(virtuous priest) at the age of 14. however, his family would not let him leave. he tried to secretly run away a few times, but he was not successful. he decided to study Sanskrit literature and he went to Varanasi(Kashi) for 10 years. while in Kashi, he worked very hard and learner 6 shashtras, laghusidhant kaumudi, sidhant kaumudi, and Pancham Kavya. when prayagdasji maharaj heard about SITALDASJI Maharaj's cleaverness in the Sanskrit language, he called SITALDASJI MAHARAJSHREE to gurugadi and gave him Diksha. he was appointed as the future sixth kuveracharya in Vikram Sanvat 1979. SITALDASJI MAHARAJSHREE became the sixth kuveracharya in Vikram Sanvat 2009 after pratishtha maharaj went to kaival dhaam. shitaldasji maharaj went to kaival dhaam in Vikram Sanvat 2028 and he appointed Shree avichaldasji maharaj as the seventh kuveracharya.


Pujya Shree SITALDASJI MAHARAJSHREE worked very hard during his lifetime. his efforts to spread paramguru's message and paramguru's than were tremendous. what did SITALDASJI maharaj do ?

  1. He began machining celebrations.
  2. he located the exact place of paramguru Pragathi and established the bal-kuver mandir in the village of kasor.
  3. He remodeled the 'samadhi mandir' in gurugadi, sarsapuri.
  4. He established the first paramguru mandir outside of the state of Gujarat India Banarasi (Kashi) in the Uttara Pradesh State of Bharat.
  5. He began the design work for the mandir in the village of Ranakpur (location of the 'samadhi dadam')
  6. On Falgun Sud Purnima in Vikram Sanvat 1988, he established the 'gyan sampradaya kelavanee khaatu' this organisation administers 8 educational activities;
    1. machining Mahotsav
    2. Kaival bhajan shala
    3. kaival satsang shala
    4. paramguru pathshala
    5. nemi sanmelam
    6. nemi parayan
    7. kaival gyanodaya dharmik masik
    8. Dharm Maya samajik
  7. He established the kaival gyanodaya (monthly magazine) so followers can be updated about the than sampradaya activities and receive paramguru's than.
  8. He translated all 18 Granths from their original language (prakrutam) to Gujarati with meanings so devotees can completely understand paramguru's than.


Paramguru made nine rules for every devoted to follow and those who followed all nine rules was considered to be a Nemi Pujya Shree SHITALDASJI followed these rules religiously. his life became exemplary and he started the "be a nemi" movement. the nine rules are as follows;

  1. A nemi should same up, baths and be ready by sunrise.
  2. A nemi should do Prabhat teri and bhal Tilak.
  3. A nemi should go to mandir regularly.
  4. A nemi should do at least one Amar mantra mara everyday.
  5. A nemi should do our pranipat vidhi (saying sat kaival Saheb to everyone)
  6. A nemi should do morning and evening Upasana.
  7. A nemi should do machining (paramguru Pragathi) and Purnima (full moon) great (casting)
  8. A nemi should regularly attend satsang shala.
  9. A nemi should obey the rules of gurugadi sarsapuri.

" Seventh Kuveracharya Shri Avichaldasji Maharajshri "

(1972 A.D. to Now Present)

H.H.Avichaldasji Mahrajshri became the seventh Kuveracharya on Posh Vad Satam, Vikram Samvat, 2028( 14th January, 1972). He was initiated as a saint on Jeth Sood Poonam, Vikram Samvat 2026 at Banaras by the sixth Kuveracharya H.H. Shitaldasji Mahrajshri. He was born at Hathipura in Bayad Taluka of Sabarkantha district. H.H. Avichaldasji Mahrajshri has continued and strengthened all the activities started by his guru Shitaldasji Maharajshri. He is well read and always ready to understand and adapt inventions of science. His various activities for social service, education, and Hindu unity have made his name and spread the name of Gnan Sampradaya in and outside India. Some of his major works are development of educational campuses and institutes in remote areas of Gujarat, Sat Kaival Eye Hospital at Sarsa and construction of Temples at over 50 locations including Amardadam and Bagidole.He has also renovated the Temple at Pragatyabhoomi of the Paramguru.

His holiness Shree Avichaldasji Maharaj is From The village Of Hathipura. As a Young boy, he was clever, active, bright and obedient. He was always ready and willing to serve other and he was a Bhakta (devotee) of Shivaji. At a very Young age(17) he renounced all worldly attachments and relations and went to sarsapuri to do seva and learn about karta. Pujya Shree Sitaldasji Maharaj accepted him as a shishyas(student). Sitaldasji Maharaj gave Avichaldasji Maharaj sadhu-diksha and sent him to Kashi(Banaras) to study the shashtrasam (religious teachings). Sitaldasji Maharaj had Shree Avichaldasji Maharaj Learn the Naya's Santra(the hardest sashtra). After seeing Avichaldasji Maharajshree's sincerity, truthfulness, faithfulness, and eagerness for knowledge and seva,Sitaldasji Maharajshree appointed him as the Saltanat (seventh) Kuveracharya of the sampradaya on January 14th,1974 (Uttaryanna). He became the head of the sampradaya at the young age of 19 after Sitaldasji Maharaj went to kaival Dhaam.


Since he began his time on the Gadi,Pujya Shree Avichaldasji Maharajshree's has made TREMENDOUS. Strides and efforts to spread the knowledge of paramguru. So what has been done?

  1. In 1982, the 210th paramguru Pragataya was celebrated with a divine 9 day program, which thousands of Devotees attended everyday.
  2. He established a Yuva Mandal in sarsa to get more young people active.
  3. In 1992, the Pran pratishtha Shatabdi Mahotsav of the Gurugadi Mandir was celebrated with a 451 day Akhand Dhoom and Akhand Parayan.
  4. He started kaival Bal Sanskar Kendra's in every village to inspire children to become Bal Nemis.
  5. In 1995, there was a grand Vedic Sanskar Mahotsav celebrated in Chicago. inspire children to become Bal Nemis.
  6. Starting in 2001, Suvarna Tula Mahotsavs were arranged for the establishment of the sat kaival eye hospital. This eye Hospital Provides eye care to provery-sticken people free of charge.
  7. He began the program of 'Guruji Ni Nisra' in an effort to educate more people about kaival Dharm and paramguru.
  8. He has established over 60 new kaival than Mandira all over Gujarat. He also finished the work for the Mandira in Kashi and balkuver and he established a mandir in Ranakpur where the famous Amar Radhakrishnan is He also established a grand mandir in Jaipur, Outside of Gujarat.
  9. He has established the first Kaival than Mandir outside of India in Carol stream,IL(Chicago Area).
  10. For the past 10 years, he has help poor families Marry their daughters into good homes. each year the number of girls he helped is the same as his age.
  11. He has established several schools for children in sarsa and balkuver.
  12. He has written countless numbers of Stutis,bhajans, artist, and literature to help guide kaival Devotees towards Paramguru.
  13. He was made the president of the Akhil Bhartiya sant Samiti and he has led the saints, sadhus, and Mahanta in India.

H.H. Acharya Shree Avichaldasji Maharajshree's has done so much it is hard to account for everything. He is truly a divine and spiritual leader who has helped thousands of people, and has worked his hardest to spread kaival gyan. To have a guru like him is a true blessing.

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