There are Four tirth dhaams in our Gyan Sampradaya, all located in the state of Gujarat. A Tirth Dhaam is a holy place where miraculous events have occurred or where there is something of great importance.

  • Balkuver Mandir
  • Gurugadi Sarsapuri
  • Amar Dadham Mandir
  • Samadhi Mandir

"Balkuver Mandir, Kasor"

Pujya Shree Sitaldasji Maharaj found the exact location of Paramguru Pragatya and he established a mandir in that spot in the village of kasor. In the mandir, there is a Bal Swarup murti of Paramguru. Pujya Shree Avichaldasji Maharaj has opened a School attached to this mandir which provides education to poverty stricken children. He has also started annual pad yatras (walk a thons) to Balkuver Mandir from Sarsa Mandir. Thousands of devotees take part in this blessed event.

"Gurugadi Sarsapuri mandir, Sarsa"

This was the second mandir built in our sampradaya. It was designed and established by Dvitya (Second) Kuveracharya Shree Narandasji Maharaj. This mandir was built in the exact location of the “Bitter Nimb Tree” where paramguru did Satsang while he was here. Shree Narandasji started the work for this mandir in Vikram Sanvat 1934 (after paramguru went to Kaival Dhaam) and he did the Paramguru Pran Pratishtha on Vaishak Sudee Purnima in Vikram Sanvat 1946.

"Amar Daadham"

Paramguru went to Hundreds of villages and towns to do kaival prachar and satsang. Bhaktos would invite Paramguru to their Homes and Farms to do Satsang. Once, a Bhakt from the Village of Fajalpur Invited Paramguru For satsang to his home. This Bhakt Owned a Sugarcane Farm. Paramguru accepted his Invitation and went to his Farm. The Bhakt Decided to give Everyone who came sugarcane Juice. However, when he saw how many people came to do satsang, he began to worry. He was afraid he would run out of sugarcane and then there would be nothing left for himself and his family. Paramguru being an antaryami(Someone who can read thoughts), understood his worry. He called the bhakt to him and told him he would send two of his santos to cut all the sugarcanes. Paramguru told two of his santos to cut all the sugarcane from one small area to the farm and only cut it from there. No matter how many sugarcanes the santos cut, there was always more in that area again. In the end, Hundreds of Bhaktos drank Sugarcane juice and only one small area had been picked. This was miracle of Paramguru. Paramguru was sitting under a Pomegranate Tree (Daadham nu Vruksh) during his satsang and when he made this miracle happen. Because of this divine energy, as Paramguru was leaving, He said, “Oh Daadhamni, you have become Immortal.” (He made the tree Immortal). The Tree Still Stands there today, More Than 150 Years Later. Pujya Shree Avichaldasji Maharaj has established a grand Mandir there and every year for the past 2 years he has beentaking pad yatras (walk a thons) to fajalpur from sarsa. Thousands of Devotees Take Part and Are Blessed by the Divine Energy in this Mandir.

"Samadhi Mandir Sarsai Baag, Sarsa"

The Samadhi mandir is located behind our main mandir in sarsa. It was established by Shashtam(Sixth) Kuveracharya Shree Sitaldasji Maharaj. It contains the Samadhi of all the kuver acharyas who have gone to kaival Dhaam including Paramguru.

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