"All That is Visible Is Created by 'KAIVAL KARTA' (ANSHI), And HE himself, as HIS own part and parcel,being an 'ANSHA' resides in every human being as a living force - animation."



Paramguru says this in the Agaadha Bodha Granth to demonstrate how all living beings are equal and there is no such thing as caste in Karta's Dhaam. PARAMGURU SHREEMAT KARUNASAGAR is Known by several identities. He is known as a "Kaival Vetta" (meaning : He knows everything about kaival karta). He is the Param Vishesh Ansh of kaival karta. kaival karta is THE one and only universal GOD. Karta has no gender, Name, Form, Figure, or shape. Karta sent paramguru to give everyone GYAN (knowledge) about kaival karta. There is only one GOD (kaival Karta) and nobody can compare to Karta.

Paramguru travelled through various loks(worlds, galaxies, and planets), and then he travelled to 6 dvips before he came to the 7th dvip (jambu Dvip),  Which is our world, After leaving jambu Dvip he went to straight to kaival Dhaam back to Karta. Paramguru was never born through a mother's womb, he always materialized(was Pragat).His body is not a real body like regular humans. He has taken a body form so he can be visible to his followers and he can help guide devotees on the path towards kaival karta. paramguru composed   15 Granths (religious scriptures) filled with knowledge about karta and various religious practices. He has said in the Agaadha bodh granth, "whoever reads all my Granths, will have no questions or doubts remaining in their minds of hearts."In the various places paramguru went to, including our world, he helped thousands of Devotees with so many different problems through parchas(miracles). He has 18 chinhos (special markings) on his hands and feet. He also has 16 vibutios (special powers), which were given to him by kaival karta. He has the ability to help anyone at anytime and at any place.


Jambu Dvip is our Dvip and it is the smallest of the seven dvips. paramguru was Pragat as a child in a jungle in the village of Kasor. 


A Woman named hehba was going to her parents home with her baby and she was passing through a jungle in the village of kasor. while passing through, she became thirsty and started looking for a place to drink water. when she found a pond she put her baby down on one side and went to go drink some water.However, as she was drinking water a wolf came and took her baby. when betha went to get her baby, he was missing. she became frantic and started screaming. she looked everywhere but she could not find her baby. she was going out of her mind and all of a sudden she saw a bright light coming from under a tree. when she went to look, she saw a young boy sitting under the tree in a padmasan. The young boy was paramguru; he materialized under the tree and helped hetba mata. he claimed her and explained to her who he was, where he came from, and what he came with. he reminded her, when they were in palki evil (the 6th Dvip), paramguru had made a promise to hetba he would come as her son in the next Dvip (jambu Dvip). He told hetba he would turn himself into a baby and she could take him home. no one would known except for them. paramguru turned himself into a baby and hetba took him home. when paramguru was a child his name was kuver. paramguru was Pragat on maha sudee bij in Vikram Sanvat 1829.

: Leaving Home :

When Kuver turned 7 years old he decided to renounce the world and his family and begin his work of spreading Karta's message.He decided to leave his home and find an appropriate guru who he could get Diksha from and begin his life teaching others. he went to Krishnaswami Maharaj's ashram and received Diksha from him. Of course when Kuver decided to leave home, all his relatives, his parents, and his siblings were very upset. kuver's adoptive parents were Raghuvir and hetba.


Kuver selected Krishnaswami maharaj as his guru. Krishnaswami Maharaj's ashram was in the village of odd. paramguru selected him because he was a virtuous and knowledgeable guru. because of his yog Sadhana, Krishnaswami maharaj was 75 years old. As soon as he met kuver, Krishnaswami used his divine vision and right away knew Kuver was no ordinary child. he asked, "son, why are you here trying to make me your guru? you have more knowledge then anyone in the world. you should be my guru!" Kuver replied, " no,no everyone needs a guru and every want needs to receive Diksha before he can begin to lead others. Please accept me as your student." Krishnaswami maharaj accepted Kuver as a student and gave him a task to fill a portion of the land with water. he told Kuver not to put the bucket and rope down until he finished filling the hole with water. Kuver stayed up all night, but the hole would not fill. the next morning, Krishnaswami some up and saw Kuver still working. he asked,"what are you still doing." Kuver explained how the water wasn't filling because a beaver had dug a hole underground and all the water was going out from the hole. Krishnaswami asked Kuver,"why didn't you just fill the hole?' Kuver replied ,"you told me not to put the bucket and rope down until the portion was filled with water. if I had filled the hole, I would have had to put the bucket and rope down and that would be against your orders." Krishnaswami maharaj was very pleased and gave Kuver Diksha right then and there.


After Kuver received diksha, he came to the village of sarsa to establish kaival gyan peeth. he stayed with the family of dwarkadas Patel for 1 month and then with the help of a few village people, he set up kaival gyanpeeth on a piece of land under a bitter number tree. paramguru did everything on this piece of land as there was no mandir. the mandir came into existence 12 years after paramguru went to kaival dhaam. paramguru first started by writing the 10 Prabhat pads and 9 Mangala pads. he then began to write each one of his 15 Granths. he would narrate and 4 Brahmins would write them. paramguru also went from village to village doing kaival prachar and giving people gyan. he also gave so many people parchas(miracles) and helped people with all sorts of problems. he had hundreds of shishyas (students) and he guided so many people on the path to Karta. paramguru went to kaival dhaam on Bhadarvad suede Purnima(full moon) in Vikram Sanvat 1934. when he went to kaival dhaam, his body turned into a bed of roses.


The Pancham Sukshma ved

: Pancham Sukshma ved hymn (chopai) :

Soham swaasaa swasahmahee,Pranava prakrutam jeha;

Akhila loka aantar japa, Shree Veda Pancham teha.

The creator and controller of the universe(kaival karta) has created 8.4 million (84 lacs) types of species (plants, insects, fish,animals,humans,ext)All these physical bodies are kept alive and active with the help of 'sohang Pranav through the anshas, which resided in the 'brahma randhra' (cerebral cavity). this internal chanting of sohang pranava is known as the fifth Veda(i.e. the Pancham Sukshma Veda.)

'pancham Sukshmaveda is in both in prose &verse. it has fourteen smandhs the first five in verse (padyavibhag) &the remaining nine in prose(gadyabhag),this Veda is the most significant because not only does it spread all the knowledge needed, but also leads one to Karta. it incorporates science and religion to prove its points and meanings. in this Granth, paramguru discusses his reason for coming to earth , why we should do bhal Tilak, how karta functions, the 6 living instincts, the way our bodies works, the differences between men and woman,scientific reasoning for diseases and bodily problems, and various related topics.

: What happened to this Granth ? :

lord Brahma is one of the 3 main Reva of the holy Trinity and he had 5 months.each face reading and replied each of the 5 Vedas; Rigveda,samaveda, yajurveda,atharveda, and sukhshmaveda. but the fifth Veda would motivate his children and believers to learn more about the creator, kaival karta and go to kaival dhaam. karta is not a human or crecreature; karta does not have a body, name, or face. karta is the ultimate creator and controller who exists in a form of energy and light. the only reason why he is referred to as a"he" is because it is easier for refere. Brahma had a task to create the world, but if everyone went to Karta how would the world progress forward? so lord Vishnu persuaded lord Shiva to go cut off the fifth mount of lord Brahma, and he did it. form this action, the head, as well as the Veda were lost. this created a domino effect. more people became entrapped in maya, illusions, and unrealistic beliefs making them less interested in kaival karta and moksha. karta started to sorry and sent paramguru down to earth to re-teach, and re-introduction the Pancham Veda. the reason for paramguru was because he, just like karta has no gender butt came down in a form of a child. he is a Param Vishesh anshas of karta, meaning he is the ultimate soul, but before paramguru came to earth many started sharing their make-believe stories. some believed that the Mahabharat was the Veda but it was an Itihaas (history). some believed that the puraans were a sort of Veda, but that was also false. all these stories had to stop and truth had to be told.                           


Paramguru shreemat Karuna Sagar maharaj uses science in his teachings and preachings to explain the occurance of naturel events and diseases in our world. he discusses most of this in the Granth Pancham Sukshma ved. the Pancham Sukshma ved is the fifth ved and it was brought down by paramguru. he also bestows this scientific knowledge upon acharat ba and she is able to use biology to proof several of her points in her granth. in the Pancham ved, the differences between a man and woman are explained. men and woman have different characteristics meaning body parts,mind functions, reactions,appearances, genes and many more. Fake beliefs are also proven wrong in this veda. people say you shouldn't cut your nails at night because then you will lose money, people say. that if you get chickenpox iris because of a goddess and you should go through some ritual to get rid of it. however, paramguru explains how no God or goddess would mean to harm anyone, and that all of this nonsense and untrue. he also explains how karta is the only one you should believe in because he will protect you no matter what . karta is the sole creator, and every anshas has a piece of him in it.

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